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What is your favorite cult film, and why?

Do I really need to give a reason?

Writer's Block: Teenage dream

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If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

Hey, Kev. What you doing outside?

Grooming day!

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For the most part, I take care of my pets' grooming. But, before summer time, I like to take Emma in to get a professional cut. This makes it a little easier for me to keep up on her fur for the rest of the year.

We used to take Maggie Mae to the groomer, too. But, it turns out she's really easy to clip with cheap clippers. She just gets a "paw-dicure" now. I really should invest in a nail grinder. Then, she wouldn't have to go to the groomer AT ALL.

Zoe... well, this was her first time at the groomer. She was a good girl :)

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A Mom Responds Before Crowding You Our of Your Local Coffeeshop/Bar
by Jessica Roake

Every once in a while someone's mom gets on the offensive and posts something about how horrible child-haters child-free adults are towards innocent parents. Rarely are these posts anything more than postpartum meltdowns. The article linked above is no exception. However, I do find it deliciously hilarious how Ms. (Mrs?) Jessica Roake seems to prove each point she's arguing against. Thus, I shall be posting the internal ramblings which went through my head while I read this mom-entous essay.

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Nov. 20th, 2010

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I just wanted to say how proud I am that little Maggie Mae has finally learned, "down." It may have taken three months. But, she's got it!

So... to sum up Maggie's Training:

Wait (though this is ongoing)
Paw (shake)

Emma at the Salton Sea III

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Emma at the Salton Sea III, originally uploaded by alleykitten.

Emma on our road trip.

Pinhole Camera

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Carly and I have decided we're going to make pinhole cameras to use while on our road trip.

Here's the one we're going to make:

But, there are a lot of other neat kinds we may want to try.

"Dogs on Leash" Signs

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Well, I was a little disappointed during our last visit to Placerita Canyon.

When we pulled in, we saw a new sign on the picnic area message board. It read: "Dogs must be on leash. Please, Curb/Clean up after your dog."

We though this might have been a new sign for the picnic area. And, well, I can't blame them... I wouldn't want strange dogs running up to me while I'm picnicking. However, as we walked on, we noticed this sign is posted at every trail head.

I understand it's for people safety, and nature safety... and even dog safety. So I'm not complaining. Just a little sad to see it end.

What a bummer. Oh well... so, there will be no more "free spirit puppy dog" photos taken at Placerita Canyon.

We've still got the river bed. So... eh.

Also, I know we have a few dog parks out here. But, they're little more than fenced in dirt. Besides, Maggie Mae and Emma are not comfortable at dog parks.


She wasn't even sleeping!

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DSC02773, originally uploaded by alleykitten.

She was just laying there... staring at me... it creeped me out a little.


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